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Francisco Goya & Four Dimensions

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Summer shot’s

It’s been a long time I didn’t write anything here. I think now I will have more time at home. Here are some shot’s from summer.

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ThoughtThere are no right things or wrong things, there are no bad things or good things, there are no losers or winners until u don’t have a frame of reference. But unfortunately most of us have it. Just when we were born we started to build a framework of understanding.

We know that people are changing all the time and one of the key factors which are producing this change is culture, law and religion and this is the prime frame of reference to our selves, it helps us to communicate, to understand each other, or to separate good from the bad and what’s most important it leads us to society development what is really close to economic wealth. But if we reverse everything and start to look from other side, then everything is created because of us, humans. So as we start to live we can’t escape from this prime frame of reference, but it doesn’t mean that we can‘t change it. The secondary frame of reference is something more close to each of us and easier to change and it‘s created with experience of our parents, friends, living environment and so on. The moral norms of your friends can really be different than culture or religion. This small difference can evolve into cultural change if it‘s not extinguished by law or if its stronger than the prime frame patterns. And this is very interesting, because some of really smart and influential people did it. They changed entire generation thinking model – created a new culture, or a law system or even religion. Why we think and feel that it’s good to buy new things? Why most of us believe in brand value? Why we follow stereotypes and why we feel shame when we overrun them?

Probably one of the closest things to the answer is unconscious drives or inner drives which are deeply dependent on the prime and the secondary frames of reference. Some scientists say that human brain is using only 10 percent of conscious and other 90 percent things are happening unconsciously. But it‘s not something unbelievable and unconscious, it is not something mysterious it‘s just another dimension of knowing. If we look at people as learning machines consciously we LEARN and unconsciously we DO what we already learnt. To understand learning we have to look at it not only from school or studying perspective. Often we learn lots of things not knowing that we actually learnt them, simply from life environment and situations, this is how we learn every day and this is the future of education system. People will learn not history dates or facts, but thinking models which will help them to learn everything faster and better, or in other words, they will learn to use the unconscious.

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Freestyle weekend


I had really nice weekend with people who had a goal to improve their skills in freestyle. Here is photo gallery and video. Enjoy

Spec. thanks to

Ezys [MauiSails]

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Freestyle competition

Estonian  freestyle competition [Helen Habakuk]

EstonianWind direction was a little bit too much from north so the gusts came and went every 3-5 minutes, but all heats were held uninterrupted. We decided to have two rounds. Both were won by Christofer who during the second round final with Robert was too focused on trying to land double spock so Robert won the heat but superfinal was held and Chris won it.  Since the conditions were shit we decided to have supersession instead of the third round – all riders on the water for 30 minutes during which they had to perform sick tricks and top five counted. All in all there were 7 riders. Tricks that were performed: spocks (54), flakas (oh, double), punetas, cana bravas, ss konos, shakas, futures, esliders, grubbys, bobs, funnells, speed loops and during supersession Robert landed a voquech.  The results are:

1. Christofer Kalk EST141  –  Slowride
2. Robert Koppel EST525
3. Tony Mõttus EST21  –  Slowride
4. Jevgenijs Gavrilovs LAT161
5. Ain Härmson EST A-0
6. Madis Salumäe EST360
7. Andres Barabanov EST773
Since it was also the junior freestyle qualification competition, the winner, Christofer (world champion of junior freestyle 2008) qualified for that.


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Forget about everything

During recent weeks we have really nice winds in Lithuania, which means fOcking good windsurfing. People who windsurf know, others can only try to imagine the drive or the need to be on the water when conditions are perfect. Your mind starts to be darker, you almost don‘t feel hunger for hours, you do everything what u can to get there and if something fails or you destroy something important on the way, it doesn‘t matter, the only thing that matters is to be there. From one side it can be dangerous and sometimes I think that such urge looks like some kind of mental illness.

LocoAt last I’ve got my new sail 5.2 Loco MauiSails with SRS Wave 75 RDM and I was on the water with it for five hours yesterday. First feeling was that I have really light rig in my hands. Especially mast feels really light. Sail is quite long thru clew, what gives lot of power and yesterday I had a bit too much of it, conditions were for 4.7 or something similar. On maneuvers it feels light as it is, what gives you a little more comfort. I wait to try this rig on lighter wind.

Another good thing that next weekend we try to organize Freestyle weekend. Event purpose is to promote freestyle discipline and give to people first push. Besides this everybody will have chance to test different types of MauiSails what is absolutely new in Lithuania too.

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New Tricks

Just took pictures of new kitesurfing tricks.

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opening day

Golf course

I got up early, checking, checking, reading…

The weather forecast didn’t look very promising, but still there was something.

Wind is from North…usually stronger than forecast shows. I start to feel this small, little nice feeling of drive to windsurf, which usually grows into huge desire. But : “stop, calm down you even don’t have your equipment, which stuck in London.” (at least now it’s on the way home).

Nevertheless I couldn’t stop thinking that I have to go. Trying to shut down all these thoughts I go to a very beneficial event “Darom” (an event based on cleaning nature), where I try to clean my sins I have done for the nature. After all, the forest which we supposed to clean becomes beautiful, but the problem was that the trees were swinging from the wind. The tiny little started to grow into something huge. The big desire starts to drive me and I call to people asking is it windy enough, are they going to go, is it good? Seems to be perfect.

With few friends we took motorbikes and drove straight to a lake. The relentless thoughts of freedom were not leaving me all the way down. When I saw the lake, I stopped for a moment. The shore full of people, the lake full of sails and kites. I thought to myself:

How come so many people here?…

I didn’t windsurf for one year in Lithuania, and after one year the situation here has changed completely. It had really cheered me up. I find a wetsuit, some shoes, cap and somebody lents me equipment for a ride. It can’t be better – I came here having nothing at all…

Rainless and huge was going out. I felt the water, the speed, the lightness, I screamed…
the season is open!… And, sometimes it is true that you don’t need anything but drive or wish. Everything else comes with it.

The day didn’t finish, 6 km away from the lake there is a beautiful golf course. The good thing is that playing golf here is not expensive. We spent one hour shooting and we paid only 7 Euro. The day was about to end, and I felt cold after the cold lake water and riding the motorbike, so the best solution was sauna.

After all, my desires fulfilled. Fully relaxed, I felt down into my bed to sleep.

Sorry, didn’t have time for thinking about photocamera.

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It’s been a long time I didn’t write here. Somehow when you are at home there are lot of things to do and you forget others. One thing which drives me to write here is people who read it and for me they are really important. Thanks. When outside is winter and on the lakes the ice is still strong, I tend to turn philosophic. There is no other choice.


About point of view and drive.

I will try not to touch these topics too deep. It would take too much time. But it could be useful to think about it. And scientist says that questions force thinking. But do scientists say true? In our society people tend to believe. Let yourself to imagine how much your life depends on your Point of View? Maybe you need to change just a small peace of it to keep you going straight up? And how important is to have drive? Drive which keeps you going and doing things…

Give some time for yourself.

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Things are getting better!

for freeAfter 15 days in Vilnius now I can see that everything what I left around me didn’t changed much, nevertheless there are some other changes like social and environmental. Well, we are all aware that time didn’t stop and everything is changing. We have some new building in town, food prices get closer to European, not sure about wages. Everybody blame crisis and in television you can see everything just about crisis. The main topic is how bad things are going and how poor we are. Shouldn’t we try to find new solutions or new ways how to do things better? Moreover we have one of most beautiful weather – dark, wet and cold which is maybe another cause of mass depression and negativity. How could u feel in such an environment? Probably smile and pretend that everything is super cool. But in this way be careful other will stare like you would have some mental illness.

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